Welcome to the MACO website!

March 14, 2014

The Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners Inc. (MACO) wish to welcome you to our website at www.macoman.com !

There are many links to help you learn about cottaging, wildlife and manage health concerns while enjoying your rural property in Manitoba. We hope that you take the time to explore links within our site to see how much information we have assembled for your use.

Prospective cottage owners should take special note of a link Purchasing a Cottage under the Issues header that gives a great deal of information on things to beware of and consider when purchasing a cottage. While it may not cover everything, it certainly gives you lots to think about and avoid some of the major pitfalls when making a decision to buy.

It is our intention to try and fairly represent all cottagers in Manitoba. We hope that you will share this website with others so they can take advantage of the hard work we put in year-round during monthly meetings. The MACO Inc. Board of Directors are a completely volunteer group who are a dedicated team of individuals who bring a lot of information and determination to the table. We want you to know that 100% of the membership fees go into MACO work and none of receive any remuneration for the work we do. It does not get any better than that.

If you or your association have any issues or topics of concern, please take advantage of the contact us or directly contact a Board Member to get some assistance. All our meetings are open and we post the times and locations on the home page for your convenience. Anyone is welcome and we hope you will attend to discover all the work we do. We are in need of more volunteers to help us more effectively serve cottagers. It is only 1 meeting a month, and we entertain those who are too far to travel by allowing you to be part of our meetings on Skype.

We can only help those that notify us of issues. We are always looking for ways to make the website more useful and interactive so if you have something of interest you think others will enjoy knowing then please submit it to us. Membership is not a requirement for this. However, there are links for both individual membership and association membership on the site under Membership. We hope you will consider joining MACO to continue the work we do and give us a foundation for the future.

MACO continue to encourage support to REMOVE EDUCATION TAXES from ALL PROPERTY in Manitoba. This is a complicated issue that is easily resolved by moving back to general revenue taxation where all Manitobans would pay once, and pay to what they can afford on their income tax. It would eliminate the inequitable property taxation that is going on at this time and eliminate a lot of expense for Municipalities. It would also eliminate the use of after tax dollars to pay education tax. We know the education system requires funding and Manitobans could do this more effectively on general revenue taxation. Same pool of money, but paying before taxes saving you money and eliminating the need for Municipalities and School Boards to administer it. End result is many cost savings to taxpayers in Manitoba with the same revenue for education. Please visit our section on education taxes or contact us for more information.

MACO remains involved with the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium (LWRC), working with Conservation Districts, Whiteshell Cottagers Association, Government drafts of upcoming legislation and environment programs and dealing with other cottage association issues and environment groups. These are just some of the many ways that MACO is there for all cottagers in Manitoba. With the information on the website, there should be little question of what we are doing for cottagers, wherever they might be located. If you have any questions, we certainly hope you can take the time to email or phone us with the information on this new site. If you are considering becoming a member, we can often attend a meeting upon request to help you answer why you should be a member, or come to our meeting and get the answers you need. We also can be found annually at the Cottage Country Show at the Red River Ex Hall.

Membership keeps us strong, and to stay here working for you, we need your membership fees. Remember, the Directors that do all this work for you are 100% volunteers, and work very hard all year. There should be at least one item of concern we are working on that would justify your continued support of MACO in the form of membership. Thank you to the 3000+ members who renew annually. We can do more if we have more support.


Dave Crabb,