Please read the MACO submission to the Manitoba Commission on K-12 Education

MACO Education Submission

Every Manitoban has the right to education.

The responsibility for education rests with, and should be financially supported by the province.

MACO has been actively promoting removal of education taxes off ALL property for many years.

School taxes – Being taxed on your asset or taxed on your debt??

  • Seniors/retirees may have homes that continue to increase in value thus increasing taxes.  Will they be able to keep this asset as expenses increase?
  • What about the younger people?  Taxes on their property more than likely means taxes on the debt (mortgage)


Where is the equity!

  • When a widow living on her share of her husband’s pension is paying similar school taxes as the house next door that has 4 working adults.  A fair contribution would be based on income with the costs of schools paid through General Revenue.
  • The Department of Education sets curriculum but does not fund education in full.  Schools in regional or poorer areas of Winnipeg and other cities may not be funded as well by property tax as those in more affluent areas.  All Manitobans are entitled to education.  Shouldn’t this be funded in full from General Revenue?

If school boards continue to tax, the government doesn’t have to account for all education costs.  However, since the changes to the balanced budget legislation this is no longer an issue.  Or is it?

Cottage owners have the right to vote in municipal elections to elect reeve and   councillors in their cottage area.  They do not have the right to vote for school trustees who have the right to tax them.  Is this not taxation without representation?


A Winnipeg Sun poll on February 27, 2009 asked

“Should school boards have their taxation powers taken away?” ~ 93% of respondents voted yes.

Provinces that have eliminated education tax have continued their commitment to education and have found ways to fund education.
Province/Territory Education Taxes On Property
NL 0% education tax on property
NS Levied by province 2013 mill rate 3.51 mills.
PEI 0% education tax on property
NB 0% education tax on property since 1996. Eliminated all school divisions & boards.
QC Residential school board 2013 mill rate 2.5867 mills.
ON Since 1998 levied by province 2013 residential rate .221000% equivalent to mill rate of 2.21 mills.
MB School division average 2013 mill rate 15.3 mills
SK Levied by province 2013 mill rate residential 5.03 mills, agriculture 2.67 mills.
AB Levied by province 2013 mill rate 2.65 residential/farm.
BC Levied by province varies by school district 2013 mill rates vary from 1.172 to5.2433 mills.
NU 0% education tax on property
NWT Levied by territory five municipal 2013 education tax rates varying from 2.63 to 4.62 mills.
YT 0% education tax on property


  1. Manitoba has the highest education property taxes of all Canadian Provinces and Territories.
  2. Manitoba is the only Province or Territory to levy two education property taxes the Education Support Levy (Province) and Special Levy ( School Divisions).
  3. Manitoba is one of the last provinces where school divisions still levy taxes.


Fund education properly – out of general revenue so everyone pays their fair and equitable share.

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