Hopefully below we can answer some of your most frequently asked questions. If not feel free to Contact MACO.
Here are a couple resource articles MACO has created to help you set up a local Cottage Association.
  1. Forming a Cottage Association

  2. Start-up draft By-laws

To view the full schedule of upcoming meetings go to our Meeting Schedule page here.

The Manitoba Association of Cottage Owners Inc. (MACO) is an umbrella association of cottage, beach, ratepayers’ groups and individuals in Manitoba (MACO is an incorporated, non-profit association run by volunteers).

It’s goal is to promote and advance the common interest of ratepayers in cottaging areas in Manitoba.

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  • Eliminating education taxes from property
  • Working for equitable application of Disaster Financial Assistance for cottage owners
  • Participating in the Lake Winnipeg Research Consortium
  • Informing cottagers on issues of concern to cottagers
  • Emailing items of interest to MACO email Participants
  • Looking for input on website and newsletters from Members

“MACO is calling upon individuals with an interest in cottage country to consider joining the MACO Board. A great opportunity to discuss with other cottage owners issues that are important to your cottage investment – such as education property taxes, environmental issues and more.

MACO has just made it easier for you to participate – Board meetings will be held quarterly instead of monthly. Plus, we will soon have the ability to participate in meetings by conference call, reducing your travel time.

The success of MACO depends on volunteer input and has in the past resulted in great member services such as the MACO insurance program which keeps your insurance costs down, as well as our excellent website with a wealth of informational resources.

If you’re interested, please contact Secretary Shelley Morris at info@macoman.com