A portion of the Mission statement of MACO states that MACO will represent its partner groups and lobby government for improvements in services. This has been done and this information is detailed in the following Flood Events Summary by Rilla Britton in the file section below.

At the regular meeting of MACO on June 21, 2011 put forth and approved the following recommendations for government.

  1. That all Disaster Financial Assistance programs treat all property owners equitably and fairly. It is recognized that the present flooding on Lake Manitoba is primarily a design failure of the present flood mitigation system for the lake. It was never expected that flooding would be as severe as it is at present.
  2. That a Flooding Emergency in Manitoba must be declared. That government brings the issue forward to federal authorities.
  3. That as conditions permit all necessary and required short term and long term flood mitigation solutions needs to be implemented.Association of Lake Manitoba Stakeholders

Additional Iformation at these websites;

MACO Meets with Ministers and Premier

MACO Representatives were recently asked to meet with several government ministers and the Premier to discuss the flooding issues on Lake Manitoba on June 13 and 14, 2011.

MACO Flood Statement

In July MACO developed a flood statement (see below MACO’s Flood Statement July 18, 2011), which was sent out to all affected stakeholders. We received the following response from the Premier.

MACO’s Flood Statement July 18, 2011
Premier’s Response to Flood Statement August 24, 2011 (see below).

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